LUNCH:  TUE-FRI -------------------------11 AM - 3:00 PM

DINNER: TUE-FRI --------------------------5 PM - 9:30 PM

               SAT-SUN ------------------------12 PM - 9:30 PM



    TEL: (916) 444-8909        FAX: (916) 231-0965





Chada Thai Cuisine is a family business. Chada Thai was first opened in the year 2000. Chee Saechao took   ownership of the restaurant in November 2005. Chada Thai serves Northern country side authentic Thai food which originated from the family’s home in Thailand.


Chada Thai family appreciates all their customers’ continuous support. They are very pleased to see their customers’ happy faces after enjoying their meals. The family is very grateful for their first restaurant business and works very hard to satisfy their customers.



                                                                                           CHA DA


Our name has history. In ancient Thailand, there were no theatres for public entertainment. Kings, nobles and high-ranking officials often reserved their own cast of classical dancers and musicians to entertain them while they dined. The performers wore costumes, including elaborate clothing and jeweled crowns (cha da).



Chee Saechao